Surround yourself in layers and layers of fragrance from 100 per cent pure aromatherapy grade essential oils from the morning until the wee hours of your special day.
Sheer Indulgence*
Two luxurious aromatherapy packages are offered:
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Exquisite essential oils soothe the mind, calm the spirit and nurture the soul, qualities you will need as you journey into this chapter of your life. Ahh, pure delight with your own personal spa treats!

Let Quickscents Aromatherapie work with you to choose your own signature scent whether it be neroli, used to soothe jittery nerves; rose, the queen of essential oils; lavender, calming or invigorating, or whichever oil you like -- for whatever mood you want to create for present and future fragrant memories.  I also have a stunning line of European designed fashion jewelry from a company called Charmelle -- perfect for your big day!
Heart or Rose-shaped Soap
Body lotion 1 oz.
Perfumed Powder 2 oz.
Personal Perfume 1/4 oz.
Perfume Mist 1 oz.
Massage Oil 1 oz.
Travel Candle  (Unscented)

"Simple  Pleasures" *
Heart or Rose-Shaped Soap
Body Lotion 1 oz.
Perfume Mist 1 oz.
Massage oil 1 oz.
*Includes a 30-minute personalized aromatherapy consultation where you choose the essential oils of your choice.
"Extraordinary Essential Extras" *
Scented Potpourri Stones - beautiful, glittery, fragrant beads; grear aromatic centerpieces at a reasonable cost

Lotion Bar -- not a soap but a solid lotion bar made with cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil and the essential oil of your choice.

Wedding, Party Favors, Thank You Gifts -- soaps, sachets for bridal party, guests, showers.

Bath Oil -scented with dried baby roses in a heart-shaped bottle

Bath Salts - your choice of fragrance to soften the body; ease tension

Bath Fizzie - fragrant, fun effervescence for the bath

On-Site Aromatherapy Attendance - for the ultimate pampering.  I also provide relaxing Emotional Freedom & Healing and Reflexology if you're really starting to stress out over your wedding.

Feng Shui Consultation - Create harmony and balance in your environment as a new couple with Feng Shui.  The Chi Machine (R) is excellent to help you and your wedding party de-stress, lose weight, and tone up for your wedding in minutes!

Get your marriage off to a fresh start with affordable hotel quality bedding and bath products from Private Quarters.  Host a party and get free products!!!

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Always use caution with essential oils.  Do not use if you are pregnant or have major medical conditions.  If you suffer from skin conditions and/or allergies, patch test before using widely.  If in doubt about usage, consult a medical doctor.  Discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs.  Keep out of reach of children.  Do not put oils on or near an open flame. For external use only.  Do not ingest.
Quickscents Aromatherapie
*E-mail for pricing.
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Aromatherapy for the Bride