Feng Shui Affirmational Stones make great gifts -- for yourself or someone else.  You can carry these touchstones with you to to energetically affirm such thoughts as Peace, Happiness, Love, Prosperity, Beauty and Tranquility.
Connect to the Universe with my Tranquility, Energy, Love and Happiness Feng Shui soaps.  Custom blends available.

I also offer crystals, red string and hooks as well as Feng Shui note cards in Faith, Harmony, Love and Happiness.
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If you truly are a Feng Shui fanatic, what are you waiting for?  E-mail me today to place your order!
My Five-Element Stones (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) are great to place in the Center of your home or office.  They also make terrific decorations around fountains and candle arrangements.  You'll love the Asian look boxes in which these are packaged.
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