The Great Twitter Spa
Thanks for your interest in participating in the Great Twiiter Spa scheduled for Monday, December 29, at 9 p.m. Eastern.  The Spa will last approximately one hour.

Here are the details:

Things to have on hand:

A Cozy Robe
Warm Fuzzy Slippers
Foot tub or basin for foot spa
Bath salts
Microwaveable Neck Wrap
Facial cleanser
Hand & Body Lotion
Your favorite herbal tea


Prior to Monday night, go to the O Network and sign up (it's free) as we will be doing some of the deep breathing exercises on the eSpa. The address is: The eSpa is on the navigation bar.

A Half Hour Before Spa

On Monday night, put on your most cozy robe and some warm, fuzzy slippers.  Have a neck wrap handy that you can warm up.

Create a foot spa by putting some warm/hot  water into a tub and fill it with your favorite bath salts.

Bring the foot bath to wherever you will be Twittering and put on the heated neck wrap.

Now you're set.

Sit back, relax and just be ready to participate!

Questions?  E-mail me at

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