It's a long story about how Watkins came into my life, but suffice it to say I'm glad that this 139-year-old company did and I feel it is a gift from God!

I instantly fell in love with Watkins when I saw that they have an array of often hard-to-find lemon-scented body care products. Moreover, they have natural home care cleaning products and a complete line of organic spices, all tying into my The Lemonade Coach website and "Detox Your Life" themes. 

But, oh, the spices! I remember growing up that my mother would send my father to the store and specifically request Watkins Pure Vanilla when she was baking a cake. I have now  learned that Watkins is KNOWN for its spices and EVERYBODY raves about them. Plus, there is much, much more!

So check out the catalog and get ready to spice up your life!  You can "season" your kitchen, your bath and body, as well as your home. Sign up as a Watkins distributor and get a 25% discount and more.  My ID# is 375387.

There's also a business opportunity.  In today's world, EVERYBODY needs a Plan B no matter HOW long you have been in your place of employment. What could be more fun, fabulous and financially rewarding than sharing information about spices?

P.S. If those lemons in your life are giving you a "pain in the neck" or elsewhere, then Watkins also has a popular line of liniments and other pain relievers.

Questions?  Call me at 804-363-5721 or e-mail me.